Thursday, August 17, 2006

What Tequila Will Do

And so I offer yet another t-shirt saga with the story conceived in Las Vegas under the influence of tequila at the Hard Rock Resort and Casino. Maybe this t-shirt and story will excite a better trade at Craigslist. Then again...maybe this is merely a storytelling blog. Time will tell where the energies are going to lead. Leave your comments on which stories you would like to hear more of.


As the movie opens we see a group of children aging from 6-14 sitting around a campfire on the beach with an older man, their scout-master/leader. There are no stars in the sky as the firmanent has now been replaced, and the night sky is muted and appears to be of an opaque silver tone. This camping trip is an exciting outing for the children as they rarely get to set foot on land. Now their homes are structures which float on the water held down by cement pilings. The former land masses worldwide had been diminished in size at the time of the Great Shift, and the diminished human population accomodated to this upheaval and developed floating islands. Thus, the children are elated to have this rare experience of camping on land.

They are in great spirits and beg the old man to tell them "The Story of the Return Of The White Dolphin" once again. They have heard it many times before, but they like the way the aged Storyteller puts another spin on it each time he re-tells it. The 'White Dolphin' is their cultural myth since the time of the Great Shift.

When the Great Shift happened many years prior to their being born, humanity collaborated with the dolphins to ensure the survival of the human race. Certain wise ones, star seeds and crystal children guided the development of the development of the ever-changing, evolving Earth civilization. These children and their families now live with a synergistic human-dolphin connection, and the former technological age of the 21st century is history. There is now the inner-net, versus the internet of times past. Storytelling never dies despite catastrophic change, and so the wise Storyteller clears his throat and begins.

Meanwhile the Borgs plot....

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