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Egyptian T-Shirt Talks Story

It was early morning. It was cold. Our group walked quietly to the Great Pyramid of Giza before it was officially open to the public, and we waited impatiently outside for the guard to let us in. Inside we were to perform an initiation ceremony in the "Pit" (the lowest accessible part of the Great Pyramid allowed to tourists) with the famous presenters from the tour group and a well-known Egyptian guide leading this ceremony. My stomach was queasy, but I didn't know why. I just knew that my stomach always "knows" something is important and to pay attention. I (usually) listen to my gut. It speaks truth. My gut was telling me to not go in. And yet, I had come so far, and were I to back-out now and not participate, many of my fellow group members would be disappointed that I had abandoned them. So I shuffled ahead with the group into the stinky urine-drenched pyramid and crawled on my belly down a long tight tunnel to the opening that is called The Pit.

It was with many years of hindsight and other people weighing in with their information that I have finally understood why I became so ill that morning. Apparently, the Pit is the absolutely worst place to conduct a spiritual ceremony as the energy there equates to "pea green" (which is very, very bad), or so said one famous Sedona spiritual teacher. Another wise being said that the Great Pyramid is not the best place for a ceremony as everything gets magnified there, both good and bad. The people conducting the ceremony were obviously out of their depth and not knowledgeable enough to do so.

I am a sensitive empath/intuitive, and as such, I have to be very careful and discerning and keep my boundaries up. The combination of the Pit, the powers of the Great Pyramid, the other participants, the stagnant air inside the pyramid, the location of the initiation ritual in the Pit, and certain "darker" energies within the group consciousness, and who knows what else combined to make me become violently ill for the next four days. My stomach had warned me, but I didn't listen to it as I usually do. I ended up vomiting in BOTH the sacred Queen and King's Chambers....something I was very embarrassed about. After barely backing it back to my nearby hotel room, I laid in delirium for the next four days. Finally my partner summoned a doctor to my hotel room at the Mena House, and I was given a shot and antibiotics.

During the four days of hallucinating from whatever had come over me inside the pyramid during the ceremony, I kept re-living the same imagery over and over. I didn't know if this was a past life of mine or a thought form I picked-up-on which had been magnified during the ceremony or a collective group memory which I had tuned into. I still don't know for sure. All I know is that I kept seeing a boxcar rounding up Jews to be hauled away to Auschwitz. I heard the screams. I felt the horror and disbelief. I smelt the foul odor and stench of piss and fecal matter as there were no bathrooms on the boxcar. I saw certain of the presenters playing a role. One famous jewelry maker of our group turned into a mean-looking Nazi guard. An unmarried couple in our group became a husband & wife crying softly and consoling each other and saying their goodbyes as soon they would be separated. The leader of the group (a famous writer/publisher) took on the role of leader in the boxcar: calming and quieting the others with her power. It was as if I was witnessing a slice of hellish time repeating over and over like the movie The Groundhog Day.

The t-shirt above was purchased on this trip and remains a memory of the painful Cairo journey. Not only did I get sick, I witnessed a group of powerful, dysfunctional "presenters" hired by the touring company battle one another for power and control. At one point I was asked to spy on them by the owner of the company and report back to her...which I flatly refused to do.

This journey has left such a bad taste in my mouth that when I return to Egypt again as I have been told I will by many psychics (and also by my gut), that I plan to return with only trusted friends who are wise, aware and clear. Needless to say, I won't make a journey to The Pit.

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