Sunday, October 29, 2006

Yellowstone Redux

The first time I saw a grizzly bear, I thought it was a live teddy bear, and I broke free from my Mother's grasp and ran to pat it in Yellowstone Park. People in the campground backed away in fear as the bear slowly ambled through the grounds. I felt no fear. It was a teddy bear to me. My Mother said she gained all her white hair that day. Of course, the grizzly paid me no heed, for I was fearless, loving and foolish. It just kept walking. I loved Yellowstone because of the bears, the geysers and the energy!

That scene was a long time ago, and when I finally returned later with three others passing through on a roadtrip in the 2,000's, forest fires had ravaged much of Yellowstone, and we saw black stumps and charred forests everywhere. The park and energies were eerie, and it was the time of the Full Moon (see photo).

We stayed at the prestigious Old Faithful Inn, an amazing place with 65 foot ceilings, railings made of lodgepole pine, and a massive, roaring rhyolite fireplace. We all became quite drunk which helps to explain why I bought this t-shirt. My partner won't wear it, nor will I. It's too... something...maybe too shiny? In any event, all the tee-shirts on this blog are FOR SALE for the right price. Make me an offer I can't refuse.

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