Monday, March 19, 2007

Photo Journey of Tibet

I finally uploaded some of the thousands of photos I took when we journeyed to Tibet in 1998 which correlates with the post I made on Oct 18th titled "Tibet Tee-Shirt Tells Its Version of The Trip." Under each photo, I will leave a brief caption of the photo. Some of the photos are in black & white, but most are in color.

This is the mini-bus our group traveled in from Nepal into Tibet. Note the rocky road! This was a very dangerous road, and sometimes we had to get out of the bus while the driver was aided by an assistant in especially difficult spots.
Here the driver is being guided through a glacier!
The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet

Me at 18,000 feet altitude at one of the very highest passes bundled up with many layers
A altar and mural painted on the side of a mountain
One of the many statues of important deities inside the temples
A wall photo depicting the body of Mother Earth with locations in the Himalayas
Lama Tenzin didn't wear his robes while visiting Tibet.
Another mural before entering Lhasa
My partner and I celebrated on Freedom Bridge between Nepal and Tibet.
This is the boat/barge our group traveled on to cross the river to Samye Monastery.
This was a caravan photo taken from the front of the mini-bus inside Tibet.
My first view of the Himalayas from the airplane
Yak herds are everywhere in Tibet
This photo was taken at Tsurphu Monastery.
Samye Monastery--considered the oldest monastery in Tibet
Another statue covered with katas
This mural is painted on the wall in Tashilumpo Monastery.
A monk chanting and drumming
A sand mandala newly created inside a monastery
Two Chinese shop girls smile for me.
Prayerwheels are everywhere.
These prayer wheels look older.
The creating and polishing of new prayerwheels
Altar and statue in the background
Prayer flags often decorate small streams.

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