Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's Your Favorite Island?

Since I'm a frequent contributer to Concierge, I decided to submit my island in their latest email offering to me. I don't think you win anything with this contest, but there's another contest running right now which you might want to look into as the prize is very GOOD!

The contest I contributed to today is their latest one: Submit Your Favorite Island!

Since I live on Maui and blog about Maui on THREE blogs, how could I pass this opportunity up?! I saw after I had submitted two other people who had already submitted Maui, so that made me happy! Like I said in my submission, Maui is 'No Ka Oi' which means Maui Is The Best! And that's how we feel who live on Maui!

I saw some of my other favorite islands already submitted: Santorini, Ibiza, Moorea, and St. Barts!

Concierge also has a social networking set-up online where you can create your own suitcase, make friends and invite friends, and make comments.

What's your favorite island?

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In Search of Sacred Stones

I don't know how I became so fascinated with ancient, sacred stones. Through the years, I've made pilgrimages to out-of-the-way places around the world to be in the presence of sacred stones, and I've been graced with energies and wisdom-- either installed or intrinsic-- in the stones.

The strangest, most shocking experience was with one of the giant blue stones in Stonehenge. For more information about these famous blue stones, click here. Our group leader had arranged for our small thirteen member group to be allowed inside Stonehenge and experience the stones up close and personal. Knowing this was to be, I had schlepped a large crystal bowl tuned to the base chakra from my home in Maui.

Sitting on the ground against one of the large blue Stones with the sun going down behind me, I spread my legs apart with the crystal bowl resting on the ground (and it's rubber base) between my legs and began running the small mallet around the edge of the bowl to make my bowl sing. If you're unfamiliar with singing crystal bowls, click here.

Why I was drawn to go through this exercise of bringing this one crystal bowl to England to play for the stones is up for debate, and I've heard many theories and much psychic speculation about what happened to me that day. In any event, I had been playing the bowl for about ten minutes when a charge which felt like lightening went through the right side of my body and down my leg and into my foot. At that time, I used to wear a gold ankle bracelet and a gold toe ring on my second toe. I mention this because gold is an excellent conductor of energies.

Ouch! The Pain! The Shock! The Surprise!

I jumped up to stomp out the painful energy on the ground which remained in my calf and foot. All of my toes were sticking straight up in the air, and as I continued stomping my foot, all but one toe relaxed and went back into their normal position. Of course, it was the toe with the gold toe ring which wouldn't go down! I cried out for my partner to come help me.....he was off communing with another stone somewhere in the circle. He came running and began massaging this toe. It still wouldn't go down. I was getting a little freaked out by now, and I wanted my toe back to normal! He decided to remove my toe ring, and after it was off my toe and with more massaging, my toe eventually lined up with the rest.

Moral of the story: these stones are powerful. Be careful what you do around them.

Here's some photos of other stones I've photographed and encountered--not all of them by any means. Of the three stones shown here, two are in Peru, and one is in Crete, Greece.

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