Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's Your Favorite Island?

Since I'm a frequent contributer to Concierge, I decided to submit my island in their latest email offering to me. I don't think you win anything with this contest, but there's another contest running right now which you might want to look into as the prize is very GOOD!

The contest I contributed to today is their latest one: Submit Your Favorite Island!

Since I live on Maui and blog about Maui on THREE blogs, how could I pass this opportunity up?! I saw after I had submitted two other people who had already submitted Maui, so that made me happy! Like I said in my submission, Maui is 'No Ka Oi' which means Maui Is The Best! And that's how we feel who live on Maui!

I saw some of my other favorite islands already submitted: Santorini, Ibiza, Moorea, and St. Barts!

Concierge also has a social networking set-up online where you can create your own suitcase, make friends and invite friends, and make comments.

What's your favorite island?

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Posted by Kuanyin Moi at 2:06 PM


  • Blogger Ken Albin posted at 1:42 PM  
    St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands is my second favorite island. My favorite island is the island of solitude I have deep within my mind.
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