Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tara Forever

My very first psychic reading happened in an high-rise office building in Hollywood, California. I was twenty-one and a greenhorn. Coming from a Midwest religious background, I knew nothing about psychics or for that matter history, for I had only been exposed to a narrow range of thinking (or programming)at that time.

My husband went with me, and we both had readings. The psychic sat behind a basic business-looking desk, and he looked not at all 'woo-woo'. He wore business attire, and he spoke with authority. We sat in chairs facing him at his desk, and we were more than a bit stunned as we heard what he had to tell us for it sounded like science fiction!

This is a short paraphrase summary of what he said:

He said that I was of the race of the Tuatha De Danann, and that it wouldn't be until my older age that I would meet many of my kin.

I had been brought here on a starship piloted by my current husband who at that time was an android. It took him a long time to gain a soul on Earth, but he had succeeded. We were together as a couple in this lifetime for me to thank him for getting me safely to Earth as this was to be my last reincarnated lifetime.

When we arrived on Earth, the constellations were different, and there was no Libra. At the time we arrived, Virgo and Scorpio were one. (You can see the similarity in their astrological glyphs.)

There was more information, but the info given for this post is enough.

And this reading is what began my research into ancient sites, the Tuatha De Danann tribe, myth, power places, metaphysics, Ireland...and TARA!

Many years later my current partner and I traveled to Ireland to see for ourselves certain ancient and mythical sites which related to the Tuatha De Danann. We rented a car and traipsed around on our own with me at the wheel.

When we finally arrived at what is called the "Stone of Destiny" or "Lia Fail" at Tara, Ireland, we had the stone and the hill all to ourselves. The photos below were taken that day. The stone is "said to roar when it is touched by the rightful King of Tara", but it didn't roar for us. However, I have read in some books that the current stone wasn't the original stone placed there, and the original was moved away long ago. The energy of Tara was serene, and the area pastoral. So though no big downloads or revelations took place that day, I was happy I finally made it there.

For more information on Tara, click here.

To help save Tara, click here.

Can you imagine--they're attempting to put a roadway right through Tara!

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Posted by Kuanyin Moi at 2:03 PM


  • Blogger tarametblog posted at 11:00 AM  
    that's horrible, i know its the place where they crowned the kings and my name being Tara I've always wanted to go. looks like i have to hurry up.
  • Anonymous stevestuff posted at 9:17 AM  
    I must admit, I only read this post as one of the pictures caught my eye (should be obvious).

    Anywho; I imagine that your reading sounds a bit far-fetched to most, but I am fairly open minded.

    I would like to say congrats on this being your last reincarnation!
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