Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Valley Of The Immortals--Vilcabamba

We traveled to Vilcabamba, Ecuador to sample tranquility and see for ourselves what a stress-free locale feels like. We hadn't experienced anything even remotely stress-free in years, and Vilcabamba is the town and area made famous because of the rumored longevity of its citizens and the Immortals.

What did we find? A low-key vibe where men still riding horseback through town. A temperate climate. Friendly people. Great hiking in remote valleys of the Andes. A developing expatriate community. Cellphones. Computers with off and on again service. Charming, local restaurants serving fresh food at unbelievably low prices.

Vilcabamba is off the beaten path to be sure. Flying from either Quito or Guayaquil, you land in Loja. And from Loja, you'll travel another 45 minutes or so along curving mountain rounds to reach your final destination.

When you finally make it to Vilcabamba and gaze upon Mandango Mountain, you may have a chill run down your spine and know you have arrived at a sacred place. I sure did!

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Posted by Kuanyin Moi at 6:14 PM


  • Anonymous Lifecruiser posted at 4:25 PM  
    I do understand your chill down the spine! Simply wonderful! I'd love to go there some day... *dreaming*

    Reminded me of when we were in Paraguay, on a ranch in the countryside.

    Unspoiled places are a real treasure today.
  • Blogger StandTall-The Activist posted at 4:42 AM  
    Vilcabamba? I am hearing this word for the first time. Well, I am in Nigeria. Which part of the world is Vilcabamba
  • Blogger Kuanyin Moi posted at 10:51 AM  
    Stand Tall: the answer is Ecuador in South America.
  • Blogger StandTall-The Activist posted at 1:09 AM  
    Oh thanks. I have heard of Ecuador before but not the Vilcabamba. Thanks for the info
  • Anonymous Nintendo Wii posted at 4:35 AM  
    Well it is so dreamy. Guess after all tranquility is what we all yearn for these days.. don't we?

    Folks spare yourself from that daily humdrum someday and visit Vilcabamba. I'm sure to do that soon.
  • Anonymous Custom Tees posted at 11:13 PM  
    Thanks for sharing the info, i dont know this before.
  • Anonymous Coherence cardiaque posted at 4:37 AM  
    I've been there last year. I loved this city. The Spanish colonial buildings are just amazing.
  • Anonymous kstati posted at 4:37 PM  
    Well in my opinion you should not have given up blogging, you were doing real good work.
  • Anonymous Ant Stone posted at 10:36 PM  
    Sounds absolutely amazing. I know I;m a bit late to the party, but just had to say something... couldn't just leave without saying how cool this is. Well done, awesome post.
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